PAM - Privileged Access Management

Security challenge

Privileged Access Management (PAM) ensures business security by monitoring privileged accounts, preventing external and insider threats that result from the misuse of administrator rights. 

The concept of PAM is based on the Principle of Least Privilege, where users receive the absolute minimum access necessary to fulfill their responsibilities. If you are only concerned about intentional insider threats, you are just scratching the surface. 

It should come as no surprise that administrator rights are not just abused by malicious employees. They can be used for malicious purposes by malicious hackers who break into privileged accounts and gain unauthorized access to your systems. 

As a result, they can move laterally across the infrastructure, creating additional users with elevated rights or to view, edit, and delete their data as they please. But Privileged Access Management (PAM) ensures that you are the only one in charge and able to manage and mitigate threats.

Solution - Senhasegura

Senhasegura is the only PAM solution available on the market for complete Privileged Access Management that covers the entire privileged access lifecycle: identity management, privileged access management and auditing of all activities carried out in the privileged session. Our PAM method is used for continuous improvement of privileged access lifecycle security.

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Main Features

The capabilitiesof the Senhasegura PAM platform meet the most demanding cybersecurity requirements, allowing any organization to comply with cybersecurity management rules, regulations and policies and at all steps provided for in the privileged access lifecycle.


Scan and Discovery

Perform the search for devices and credentials in your network in and automatized manner and keep the solution prepared to serve all the access demands.

SSH Key Management

Secure storage, rotation and access control for SSH key protection.

Session Recording

Record 100% of the remote sessions performed in Senhasegura in compact videos in excellent quality, including simultaneous sessions.

Logged Session

Define the users who will execute the logged session, monitored and 100% recorded, including simultaneous sessions.

Remote Session Monitoring

The Livestream function allows the Information Security area to monitor user activities and detect suspicious events in real time, including the possibility of pausing or ending the user’s session in a simple and quick way.

Application Identity

Possibility to eliminate credentials inserted in source codes, scripts and configuration files.

Approval Workflows

Remote session or password viewing cases can respect multilevel approval flows and validation of justifications provided by the requesting user, and are alerted via email or SMS.

Multiple Custody

Stablish double custody of passwords and keep the conformity with your security and audit controls.

Commands Audit

Configure commands alerts in SSH sessions, Telnet and databases even for administrator users.

Automatic Change Password

Accesses via Putty or RDP may be performed through monitored sessions, without the password being exposed to the requiring user.

Threat Analysis

Monitoring the environment in order to detect and alert in real time any suspicious action performed with privileged credentials.

User Provisioning

Provisioning and revoking privileges local user access on Windows, Linux, Unix, Databases and Active Directory platforms, without the need to install any agent on the target device.

Automation Of Privileged Tasks

It is possible to assign only the permissions necessary for any user to perform critical activities in the environment in a secure manner.

Jump Server

Acessos via Putty ou RDP podem ser realizados através de sessões monitoradas, sem que a senha seja exposta ao usuário solicitante.

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