Auditing for Active Directory and Azure AD

Secure and monitor Active Directory and Azure AD

The Varonis Data Security Platform helps you easily visualize your on-prem structure, spot vulnerabilities, and detect attacks like Kerberoasting and Pass the Ticket. We monitor all your AD activity — logins, user and group changes, GPO (group policy) events, etc. — and use behavior-based threat models to stop attacks proactively. By combining AD activity with data access events and network activity, Varonis can spot risks such as stale users accessing sensitive data, which could easily go unnoticed otherwise. Get real-time awareness of your top AD risks and the tools you need to effectively untangle your domains, close your gaps, and reduce risk.

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Insights de risco AD

60% of companies
have 500+ passwords that never expire

40% of companies
have more than 10.000 ghost users

15% of all files
are open to everyone.

Untangle your domains

Visualize all your domain and local users, groups, and objects in an easy-to-use interface. Quickly answer questions such as, “Who has the ability to change critical settings, including adding users to privileged groups?”

Search a unified audit trail of activity.

Know who has been doing what in Active Directory — view their sensitive file opens, email sends, web requests, and VPN logins in just a few clicks.

Investigate incidents quickly and conclusively.

Make junior analysts look like battle-tested blue teamers with our intuitive forensics and  incident response solution. Varonis does all the work to normalize, enrich, and correlate logs to make alerts easy to analyze and act on.

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